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photography: copyright joerg lehmann
interview im café royal opéra in paris. 13.07.2009 - 11:05

den meisten lesern wird zu dem namen COINTREAU der orangenlikör einfallen. 1849 wurde der erste edouard cointreau geboren, der dann später 1878 eben diesen likör erfindet. dieses war in angers und es erstaunt nicht, dass der heutige edouard cointreau, internationaler botschafter der stadt angers ist. vor 600 jahren wurde auch roi rené (le bon roi) in angers geboren. er war könig vom anjou und der provence (siehe blogeintrag les calisson d´aix). 
das folgende interview ist mit dem jetzigen edouard cointreau enstanden. mich interessierte seine sichtweise der aktuellen und nicht aktuellen fragen zum thema essen und wein. 

edouard cointreau ist seit 1995 der president der WORLD COOKBOOK AWARDS und somit der hirte aller jener, die kochbücher schreiben, photographieren, drucken, verlegen etc.. mit seinem jährlichen award der besten kochbücher der welt im frühjahr/sommer, hat er es geschafft, die immer grösser werdende gemeinde der kochbuchmacher miteinander in verbindung zu bringen. alljährlich zur buchmesse in frankfurt trifft sich die gemeinde ein zweites mal um kontakte zu knüpfen oder ganz einfach entstandene freundschaften zu pflegen.
hier die welt der genüsse aus der sicht eines kochbuchprofis:


1.- Nicolas Sarkozy has called on UNESCO to put french gastronomy on its world heritage  list. Do you think that french cuisine should be the only gastronomic tradition to make it on that cultural list and why?

France has much more of a chance of making it to a Unesco list. If it is

part of a successful group, and not alone. It could include France, China,

the Mediterranean diet (Greece, Italy, Spain), Morocco, Peru, Mexico,



2.- What is a magic dish?

The frozen foie gras at El Bulli which dips in a warm Jerez consommé. The

colors, the aromas, the taste are exceptional and magic.


3.- Most of the people think, that cheese matches best with red wine. What is your point of view?

There are many different cheeses, and many different wines. Many

different pairings are possible, from old vintage wines, mostly red, to

sweet wines, mostly white. Port is often perfect, especially with Stilton,

Roquefort, or other blue cheeses.


4.- You are travelling around the world, which gives you a tremendous experience of divers cookingstyles.which big city offers the best choice?

My criteria for choice is a price/quality ratio. In that case, I prefer Madrid. For diversity, it is London.

5.- Do you think that france will take serious actions in the future against polluting its soil with pestizides, in order to produce healthier food and protect the enviroment and people?

Yes, consumers and health considerations will drive the future.

6.- At the last WORLD COOKBOOK AWARD in paris, the charitybooks were extremly succesfull. why?

It is very easy to gather communities around charity cookbooks. They

become an expression and symbol of identity, with food making everyone

feeling good. With recent technology and printing on demand, charity

cookbooks become profitable for their causes very quickly, with a few



7.- What are the new "tendences" in the foodworld?

The number one old trend is easy quick recipes, for comfort.

It is still number one. Te new trend is a return to cooking for family,

children and friends.

It is more generous, maybe a sign that the selfish attitudes which brought

the world crisis are vanishing slowly.



8.- How many cookbooks do you keep in your personal bibliothèque. Which one is your favorite?

At the moment I have 12.000 to 14.000 cookbooks and wine books. It is

impossible to name one favorite, there are over 100 I really care for, for

their story, content, authors, format, etc.


9.- Do you think that the so called cuisine moleculaire has a "raison d´etre"?

Molecular cuisine can make great photography, and the cookbooks sold

well in the past. Molecular brings us chemistry and physics sciences,food and

entertainment, which is positive, of course. There may be questions about

the role of industry and chemical companies in cuisine.


10.- Your best friend from china asks you: i would like to eat authentic french food in paris. Where do you send him?

Le Carrè des Feuillants of Chef Alain Dutournier, and be sure to try his oysters.






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